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Update February 01, 2023
General Administration of Customs: around the foreign trade "stable scale, excellent structure" advance research and reserve policy measures
According to the General Administration of Customs website on February 1, January 30, the General Administration of Customs Director Yu Jianhua presided over the General Administration of Customs to...
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Update January 31, 2023
Yichang's foreign trade import and export value exceeded 40 billion yuan last year
January 30, from Yichang Customs was informed that in 2022 Yichang City, Hubei Province, foreign trade import and export value of 41.47 billion yuan, the first time exceeded the 40 billion yuan mark....
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Update January 30, 2023
Stimulate the construction of a strong trade power surging new dynamic energy
Foreign trade scale exceeded the 40 trillion yuan mark for the first time, maintaining the status of the first country in trade in goods for six consecutive years, and the international market share...
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Update January 29, 2023
The auto industry is becoming an important force to drive foreign trade growth
According to customs data, in 2022 China's total value of imports and exports of goods 42.07 trillion yuan, the first time exceeded 40 trillion yuan mark, an increase of 7.7% over 2021, for six...
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Update January 13, 2023
The international market share of China's exports is 14.7%, ranking first in the world for 14 consecutive years
On January 13, the State Council Information Office held a press conference to introduce the annual import and export situation in 2022. General Administration of Customs spokesman Lv Daliang said...
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Update January 12, 2023
China stabilizes foreign investment, starts the year on a sprint
From favorable foreign investment policy release, to new product release to capture new markets, to foreign investment projects press the construction "fast-forward button" - the beginning of the New...
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Update January 11, 2023
Negative growth in apparel exports foreign trade pattern to be changed
China is the world’s largest garment exporter, accounting for one-third of the world’s market share. However, China’s garment export volume has recently been negative for 13 consecutive months....
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Update January 10, 2023
Four traps that may be stepped on by small and medium foreign trade enterprises
For many small and medium-sized foreign trade companies, although they want to get a slice of international trade, they are often scared of being deceived. In the process of foreign trade exports,...
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Update January 09, 2023
New foreign trade engine cross-border e-commerce new mission
As one of the "troikas" of China's national economy, foreign trade is now facing a difficult predicament. Breakthroughs in the traditional foreign trade model have encountered bottlenecks, and the...
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Update January 06, 2023
China's economy is steadily moving forward with increased confidence
Recently, many foreign institutions have raised their expectations for China's economic growth in 2023. This reporter noticed that the key words most mentioned in the forecast are "rebound" and...
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Update January 05, 2023
How to decompress China's foreign trade in 2023
In 2022, China's foreign trade has withstood heavy pressure and achieved stable growth. Analysts here believe that although there are more challenges next year, but the tried and tested Chinese...
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Update January 04, 2023
January-November 2022 China's total imports and exports of machine tools industry increased by 1.9% year-on-year
The latest data released by the China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association on the 3rd shows that from January to November 2022, the total import and export of China's machine tool industry...
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Update January 03, 2023
The machine tool industry is not strong
The abstract "Made in China 2025" became a high-frequency word that members of the two associations debated this year. At present, China's machine tool industry is large but not strong, mainly...
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Update December 30, 2022
China's hardware products industry transformation and upgrading usher in a new foreign trade pattern
In recent years, the development pattern of China's hardware industry is changing. At present, the industry development tends to scale and diversification. At the same time, with China's economic...
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Update December 29, 2022
Three Gorges Bonded Logistics Center ranks among the top in the province in terms of operational performance
December 28, the reporter learned from the Yichang City, Hubei Province Business Bureau, from January to November this year, the Three Gorges Bonded Logistics Center to achieve a total import and...
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Update December 28, 2022
Taocheng chemical products are popular in domestic and foreign markets
Since 2022, Hebei Hengshui Taocheng Chemical Additives Co., Ltd. has tasted the sweetness of implementing new product development strategy. The four key R&D products they developed, such as low...
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Update December 27, 2022
Jiangxia "intelligent" manufacturing towards "one belt and one road"
The first time in 3 years that the China Che Changjiang Group organized to go abroad to carry out investment and economic and trade activities, it obtained a 350 million yuan vehicle project in Saudi...
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Update December 26, 2022
Hubei encourages fertilizer companies to develop high-end chemical products
Since November last year, the Hubei Provincial Government issued "on accelerating the restructuring of the province's fertilizer industry to promote the transformation and upgrading of views", play...
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Update December 23, 2022
Potato agricultural products branding into the "national team"
Recently, Enshi potatoes as agricultural products selected as the national agricultural brand boutique cultivation program, "piggy bank: the implementation of differentiated brand strategy to promote...
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Update December 22, 2022
Wuhan overseas investment "early spring action" in the first station was successful
December 15-22, by the Wuhan Investment Promotion Office, Wuhan Economic Development Zone, Caidian District, the investment promotion team with the Commerce Department delegation to Germany, Sweden...
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Update December 21, 2022
Solve the "difficult to transport" export cars on the logistics fast track
On December 16, Maersk Group and Azera signed a framework cooperation agreement. By partnering with the world's leading shipping and logistics company, Azera will accelerate its logistics platform in...
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Update December 20, 2022
The annual import and export of Minmetals Chemical will maintain the growth trend
In the first 10 months of this year, the total import and export of China's mineral and chemical industry achieved double-digit growth year-on-year. Data show that from January to October, the total...
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Update December 19, 2022
Jingzhou Chemical Manufacturing Company Expands Sales of Chemical Products in the EU and Worldwide
Jingzhou's chemical products are mainly sold to Southeast Asia, India, Indonesia and other places. Due to the different chemical regulations and system standards, Jingzhou chemical products in the EU...
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Update December 16, 2022
How to identify counterfeit agricultural products in foreign trade import and export
Now there are a wide variety of agricultural products on the import and export foreign trade market, and there is no lack of counterfeit and shoddy products. The main manifestations of these...
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