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  • FIBBR 6.35 to 6.35mm Stereo Audio Cable

    USD 1


    Min. Order:1 Piece/Pieces


    Supply Ability:Strength supply

    Place of Origin:hubei

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Audio Cable, referred to as audio cable, is composed of two parts: audio cable and connector. Among them: audio cable is generally a double-core shielded cable. Common connectors are RCA (commonly known as lotus head), XLR (commonly known as XLR head), TRS JACKS (commonly known as plug-in head). Video cable, referred to as video cable, consists of two parts: video cable and connector, among which: video cable is a coaxial shielded cable with a characteristic impedance of 75Ω (ohms). Common specifications are divided into -3 and -5 according to the wire diameter. There are two types of single-core wires and multi-core wires according to the core wire. The common specifications of the connector are divided into two types: crimping head and welding head according to the connection method of the cable end, and BNC (commonly known as the clamp head) according to the connection method of the equipment end ), RCA (commonly known as lotus head) two.

The role of the audio cable: In order to make the electrical signal transmitted from one device to another device, whether it is the transmission process or the receiving output process, the signal cannot be damaged and lost, and the transmission process needs to be kept in a noise-free state.
Selection of audio cable: When selecting an audio cable, it should be as short as possible under the premise of meeting the needs of use, because the longer the cable is, the easier it is to cause channel noise and signal attenuation.
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