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Crystal Oscillator

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  • Miniature Quartz Crystal Resonator Oscillator

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    Min. Order:3000 REEL


    Supply Ability:Strength supply

    Place of Origin:hubei

    The frequency components made by using the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystals are essential basic components for electronic equipment such as timing and frequency control. The categories are usually differentiated by cutting method, frequency...

  • Miniature Chip High Frequency Crystal Resonator

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    Min. Order:50 REEL


    Supply Ability:Strength supply

    Place of Origin:hubei

    Crystal resonator refers to a quartz crystal resonator made of quartz material, commonly known as crystal oscillator. It plays the role of generating frequency, has the characteristics of stability and good anti-interference performance, and is...

A Crystal Oscillator is an oscillator that uses a quartz crystal. There are some electronic devices that require an AC signal with a highly stable frequency, while the LC oscillator has poor stability and is prone to frequency drift (ie, the frequency of the generated AC signal is prone to change). A special component, a quartz crystal, is used in the oscillator to generate a highly stable signal.
The crystal oscillator has the physical characteristics of positive and inverse piezoelectric effect, which can generate very weak periodic oscillation signal, and the signal can be used as a signal source after amplification, filtering and other links.
Crystal oscillator model name: The domestic crystal oscillator model name is generally composed of three parts, which are the shape and material of the outer casing, the slice type of the quartz piece, and the main performance and external dimensions.
The main parameters of the crystal oscillator are nominal frequency, load capacitance, frequency accuracy, frequency stability, etc. These parameters determine the quality and performance of the crystal oscillator. Therefore, in practical applications, it is necessary to select an appropriate crystal oscillator according to specific requirements, such as communication networks, wireless data transmission and other systems that require high-precision crystal oscillators.
Application of crystal oscillator circuit in color TV circuit: The crystal oscillator circuit in color TV is generally used in system control circuit and decoding circuit.
Application of crystal oscillator circuit in computer motherboard: crystal oscillator circuit is also relatively common on computer motherboard, mainly including clock crystal oscillator circuit, real-time crystal oscillator circuit, sound card crystal and network card crystal.
Application of crystal oscillator circuit in induction cooker: In induction cooker circuit, crystal oscillator is often used as the clock signal source of microprocessor (or microcontroller), the clock signal is an indispensable signal for the whole machine to work, if there is no clock signal, Then the microprocessor will not be able to start and work.
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