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  • Car Stereo Audio MP3 Player with USB

    USD 1

    Brand:Car Player

    Min. Order:5000 Piece/Pieces

    Packaging:colorful package

    Supply Ability:Strength supply

    Place of Origin:hubei

    Car Player Product Description Car Player Dscription: fixed panel, FM electronic tuning radio With USB mobile hard drive socket, SD card slot, compatible with MP3/WMA music format Electronic volume control, color display, with external auxiliary...

The importance of car players in Car Audio systems is even more prominent. Compared with home audio, the technical requirements and difficulty are much higher to make the Car Player show excellent sound and localization. The disadvantages of car players are many and complex, because in the interior space of the car, there are some disadvantages that are not found in the house: narrow space, irregular objects, complex environment (noise, vibration, car materials, etc.) And the installation position of the player (limited by the interior and exterior of the car); more importantly, the listening position is not good, left and right; and because the direction of the player is not symmetrical in the front, resulting in complex frequency, phase Difference and wave crest, wave trough, standing wave, reflective jet lag, too long reverberation time (resonance), etc., are not conducive to listening problems.

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